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Excel Development and VBA Macro Programming

Do You Need a VBA Programmer? We Develop Effective Macros Customized to Your Wishes

Do you have a problem in Excel that became more complex than usual? Great, we love challenges. VBA macro programming in Excel is a powerful tool to solve almost any issue in Excel. We provide experienced VBA programmers that are looking forward to help you fast and competent.

Excel Macro Programming: What Can I Use It For?

The opportunities where you can use Excel VBA macros for are very varied. If you have a repetitive task in Excel, it is usually possible to automate the job using a smart macro:

  • automate routine tasks
  • advanced, graphic user interfaces
  • communication with a Microsoft Access database
  • automated reports generated in Microsoft Word or Outlook
  • customized Excel applications instead of expensive software
  • add-ins
  • user defined functions and formulas
  • automated calculation tools
  • import of data from the web (currency rate, stock prices,...)
  • and much more

This is just a small selection of the things we can do for you. Generally, we can automate everything that you can do manually and a whole lot more. Obviously, a smart programmed macro gives you several advantages:

  • save a lot of time
  • more user friendly spread sheets and user forms
  • simplify complex tasks
  • lower probability for human mistakes

Ask us for a non-binding offer and we will be glad to help you.

Visual Basic for Application (VBA) - About the Programming Language

There are two ways to create a macro in Excel:

  • record a macro
  • write a code in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

First mentioned is very easy to do without any knowledge in programming. But if you would like to get more functionality, knowledge in VBA is very important. VBA is an object-orientated, modular programming language based on Visual Basic. The programming language is an integral part of the Microsoft Office package and allows automating processes in Office. Macros can be written directly in Excel and do not require a compiler. That gives the opportunity to create programs in Excel in a fast and effective way.