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Excel Development and VBA Macro Programming

Save Hours: Tailored VBA Programming to Automate Your Excel Tasks

VBA (Visual Basic for Application) is a versatile programming language tailored to Microsoft Office that simplifies your work in Excel. It enables us to automate almost everything using custom macro programming. From simple, routine tasks, to complex data analysis.

This makes it the designated feature when you want to increase your business’s efficiency and productivity. Our solutions programmed in VBA can save you countless hours and thus money. As an added bonus, you can be certain that our macro solutions are user friendly and fast, improving the overall workflow at your company.

Read more to discover how our automations have helped other clients like you or contact us now to explore how we can tailor a solution specifically for your needs.

Examples of VBA Automations We Can Provide: See What’s Possible

Since 2016, we’ve proudly served over 110 clients across many industries from various countries. This section showcases a selection of powerful and reliable VBA automations we have provided to streamline and improve our client’s business processes, enabling more efficient workflows, better decision making while simultaneously saving time and money. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your operations together!

Data Transfer

We can help you make the most of your data by import or exporting your data to and from Excel:

  • Import of data from various sources like text files or other Excel files
  • Seamless integration of Excel with SQL databases, like Azure or MS SQL
  • Export of data to structured files like csv, json, xml...

Data from the web? API Integrations!

Exchange data between Excel and your favorite web applications like:

  • CRM Systems like HubSpot
  • Accounting systems
  • Banks and Brokerages

Receive data from many other sources:

  • Stock- or commodity prices from the web
  • FX rates
  • Distances between addresses from the Google Maps API
  • Weather data
  • Business data

Report generation

We can help you automate the creation Word documents with professional layout, using the data in your Excel sheet

  • Generate offer documents, contracts, purchase orders or reports from your Excel calculations
  • Glossy brochures from your Excel product configurator including charts and graphs
  • Financial statements

User forms

Avoid complexe, error prone and difficult to use Excel sheets. User friendly and efficient forms and interfaces can improve your workflow, save time and reduce errors

  • Product configurators
  • Wizards
  • Data entry forms

Financial modeling

With VBA, you can achive much more then conventional 3-statement modelling:

  • Complexe trading models with back testing - if desired, for 100s of stocks or commodities simultaneously
  • Receive business relevant modeling data directly from the web
  • Monte Carlo simulations directly in Excel

...and many more

This is just a small selection of the time saving solutions that we have worked with. VBA is incredibly versatile and we can find tailored solutions for nearly any issue that you might face in Excel. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your challenges into solutions using Excel and VBA!

Benefits of VBA Macro Automation

VBA macro programming in Excel not only enables tasks that would be challenging or impossible to perform manually but also offers a wide array of benefits for your business:

  • Enabling: Transform complex tasks into simple, one-click operations.
  • Time saving: Reduce processing time through enhanced automation.
  • Accuracy and less errors: Increase accuracy and reduce errors with automated precision.
  • Consistency: Ensure that your documents follow the same formats and standards.
  • Cost saving: Cut costs by freeing up staff to focus on higher-value activities.
  • Scalability: Our VBA solutions can always grow with your business.
  • Rapid Decision-Making: Accelerates data processing and KPI delivery, enabling timely and critical business decisions.

Features: VBA best practice and no compromise on quality

Are you skilled in VBA programming and would like to know if we are the perfect match for your project? Or perhaps you're curious about what sets us apart from the competition. This section is designed for you, as we highlight the principles and strategies we adhere to when developing VBA code. A quick note: The difference between good and clean code, compared to low quality can be huge – even if both seem to produce the same results at first glance. We promise: We’ll try not to get too technical.

  • As simple as possible: Even when dealing with complex solutions, we will always strive to keep the code as simple as possible (but never too simple!), without compromising functionality and reliability.
  • DRY (don’t repeat yourself): The code will always be logically structured in modules, subroutines and functions. All subs that are called directly by the user (from the worksheets interface) are in a single place, so you can easily navigate yourself down into the code. Steps that are logically connected are transferred into their own subroutines and functions. The same is true for functions and subs of general kind. This way, we not just keep it clean, but also easily maintainable and avoid repeating code.
  • Descriptive names for variables, subroutines and functions: While we of course use comments extensively, we make sure all subroutines and functions have names that clearly describe their purpose. The same is true for variables. Speaking of variables, we follow clear guidelines for naming, including the variables scope and datatype (following the Hungarian notation).
  • Comments: Following up the last point, the code will be comment rich, explaining what happens at each point. Each subroutine and function will of course also have an introductory comment, giving you some information on what the procedure does, the purpose of its input parameters, as well as the output parameter (in case of functions).
  • Robust error handling: Unhandled errors can crash your application, lead to unexpected results, infinite loop and other undesired outcomes. We implement robust error handling to prevent crashes, unexpected results, and other undesirable outcomes.
  • Speed: In VBA, there are many important concepts to increase speed: We will do what is possible to reduce “hits” against the worksheet which are extremely time consuming. Whenever possible, we will load data to (much faster) arrays or dictionaries before treating it. Variables get the right data types and scopes, loops will be optimized to keep them fast, use inbuilt Excel/VBA functions when they are faster than VBA and we apply “With”-statements wherever reasonable to name just a few (we have a long list of practices we adhere to!). And of course, the obvious: Turn off calculations, screen updating and page breaks while the code executes.
  • Scalability: We are very aware of keeping our code scalable, so it can grow or be adaptable to growth and changes in your business.

When you partner with us for your VBA and Excel projects, you can say good bye to technical debt. Our goal is to constantly provide high quality solutions that adhere to best practices, speed and robustness. Contact us today to discuss your project.