Excellence Utvikling

Excel Development and VBA Macro Programming


How would it be if a task in Excel that usually takes half an hour could be done in just 20 seconds?

That was exactly the questions that I asked myself before I came into contact with macro programming in Excel for the first time. My name is Michael and I am the founder of Excellence Utvikling AS (“Utvikling” is Norwegian and means “Development”).

It is already a long time ago since I began to write VBA macros for my own needs. This knowledge became very handy when I started my PhD studies at NTNU in Trondheim (in Chemical Engineering). The experiments that I performed produced huge amounts of data that had to be evaluated. One single of those experiments produced 96 (!) Excel files within six hours. It was a lot of work to evaluate and conclude this data before I could finally set up a chart with the final results. My colleague spent (or should I say wasted?) almost four hours to do this job in front of his computer – almost every day.

Of course, I decided to write a macro to do the job for us. Writing the macro took four hours and afterwards it was possible to perform the complete evaluation of the data in less than one minute. Can you imagine the look on my colleague’s face when he saw what was actually possible, using such a relatively simple macro?

That was also the first time that I considered that there might be more people, both in business and in science that could have use for professional, customized VBA macros. After some consideration and planning, I finally decided to start the adventure and establish Excellence Utvikling AS.


Michael Markus Wycisk - Excellence Utvikling AS

Everything I do in Excellence Utvikling AS I love. It is so inspiring for me to work with customers from completely different industrial sectors and to learn about their needs and desires. To help my customers with my ability to think analytically about given problems and offer them specific solutions is very engaging and satisfying for me.

My biggest reward is when I see the complete satisfaction of my customer, after I have finally designed a professional and functional solution. It is fantastic, that I can make a real difference for my customers.

Are you interested to hear more about the services Excellence Utvikling can offer you? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.