Excellence Utvikling

Excel Development and VBA Macro Programming

Your Excel Consultant Michael Wycisk

Excel Consultant in Norway – Helping Businesses Around the Globe

Does your business need help and advice in Microsoft Excel? Excellence Utvikling offers Excel consulting services to leading businesses around the globe. We are looking forward to hearing about your Excel challenges and give you advice and support. For us, it is a pleasure to work with a broad variety of companies and industries. Contact us and we will help you fast.

Programming av Excel Dashboards

Advice and Development of Calculations and Spreadsheets

We are looking forward to developing your calculations and Excel templates – customized to your business. We can start from scratch or use the work you already have. You decide! Typical tasks are

  • Dashboards
  • Forms
  • Progress plans/Gantt charts
  • And a lot more – Ask us!

Forms programmed in VBA

Programming of Automated Excel Sheets and VBA Macros

Of course, we can help you automatizing your Excel files. Vi program powerful VBA macros for you and develop automated spreadsheets for you. Contact us to find you about your opportunities or read more about VBA programming.

Excel Consulting: Premium Service at Competitive Rates – On-Site or Remote

We are committed to providing a high level of service and value to you, always following today’s best practice in Excel. We are best in Trondheim (Norway), but always just one phone call away! We have delivered many projects solely using Microsoft Teams or similar collaboration tools, but if you prefer classic face-to-face collaboration, we are always available to meet you on site. We can provide skilled and certified personnel (MOS 777-88) and offer our services to you in English, German or Norwegian language at the highest professional level.

Currently, we provide our services at a very competitive rate of 1 120,- NOK (excl. VAT) per hour – a rate we confidently share on our website. We guarantee that you will receive a solution that works and we are always available to help you if anything (against all expectations) should not work after delivery. Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together!