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Excel Development and VBA Macro Programming

Excel and VBA in research and science

Get a Competitive Edge in Your Research

How much time do you spend to treat the results and data of your research and development?

We are well aware that this usually consumes a lot of your valuable time. We can help you automate your evaluation processes and get results faster. This gives you more time to do those things that really require your competence.

Accelerate Your Research

Excel macros customized for your tasks and experiments can help you save enormous amounts of time. It is fully possible to automate evaluation processes which would usually take several hours so that they just require a few clicks and less than a minute to finish. You will save time each time you perform your experiment.

Broad Range of Possibilities

In research, a lot of processes produce text-based, structured file formats (e.g.: .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt, etc.). In those cases, we can easily set up programs in Excel which extract the relevant pieces of data automatically, perform the necessary calculations and produce tables, charts or whatever you might prefer for a successful presentation of your data. This is especially interesting if you regularly perform experiments producing a large amount of data or files. In many cases, this does not even need to be very expensive, if the code is set up in a smartly. Send us a message and tell us about your experiment work, we will be glad to see how we can help you.

Our Strong Point: Research, Development and Science

We have a lot of experience within research and science. This includes projects with mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, chemisorption, chromatography, TPX and many other fields. In combination with our knowledge in Excel and VBA macro programming, we can provide a unique service offer. Contact us to find out more.