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Excel Development and VBA Macro Programming

Excellence Utvikling - Your Excel Programmer

Excellence Utvikling AS offers a broad range of Excel consulting services in Microsoft Excel®, including Excel templates, automation of Excel, VBA macros and services addressed to research based companies. How can we serve you?

Excel Development

Excel development and programming

We develop Excel and diagram templates, automated Excel sheets and much more that can make your work more effective.

VBA Macros

Visual Basic for Applications macro programming

If you need more functionality in Excel, we can program VBA macros (Visual Basic for Applications) for you.

Excel in Research

Excel and VBA in research and development

Are you working in research and development? We can help you to treat huge amounts of results fast and effective in Excel.

We Help You with All Kind of Challenges and Problems in Excel

Michael Markus Wycisk - Founder of Excellence Utvikling AS

Are you using Microsoft Excel heavily and would you like to make your spreadsheets more effective? Are you looking for support to set up professional and functional Excel sheets for you or your work? Or would you like to automate the tasks you have to do again and again in Excel? Great! We are happy to help you.

Excellence Utvikling AS offers strong competence in Excel and VBA macro programming. Our goal is to give our customers a competitive edge in the market. You and your employees should have more time to do the things that really require your competences. Let us do your Excel work for you.

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Your Benefits

  • Individual service: When working with us, you will have your personal, English speaking advisor and do not need to struggle with phone queues
  • Competitive prices
  • Save huge amounts of time with smartly programmed macros
  • Professional, user-friendly and intuitive Excel sheets
  • 2 years guarantee: Should there be (against expectation) anything not working properly with our products, we will fix it for you, free of charge
  • Experienced and skilled Excel programmer: Certified by Microsoft (MOS Microsoft Excel Expert, Excel 2010)
Vi er Sertifisert som MOS Excel Expert

VBA Macro Programming: Excel's Most Powerful Tool

Many people are not aware of the opportunities Excel VBA macros have to offer, even if they use Excel frequently. To keep it simple, an Excel macro contains a range of tasks that can easily be executed by just one single click (instead of performing each and every task step by step). Those macro scripts are easily saved in the Excel sheet. When requirements get more complex, a high level of experience and knowledge in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) are necessary. In order to use macros you do not need any additional software. Microsoft Excel is more than enough.

Save Time and Money with Customized VBA Macros

Writing a macro in Excel does not necessarily need to be very expensive. Many tasks can be made fully automatic with only a very limited number of programming hours. But those macros can save enormous amounts of time afterwards. And in business, time is money. Further, Excel macros also reduce the chances for human mistakes. We can help you to create professional Excel sheets and/or macros, designed for your needs and wishes: Easy to use, functional and at competitive prices.

Focused on Your Needs and Wishes

Always based on your requirements, we can use your existing Excel sheets or start from scratch, always in close dialogue with you. This way, we can provide a result that meets your expectations. We can help you both with small and big projects. Even though we are specialized in Excel, we can also help you with tasks that include Microsoft Word or Microsoft Access. With us, you will always get a price offer that we are not going to exceed. Needless to say, you are also guaranteed that the spreadsheets and macros design for you will work. Should there be (against all expectation) anything that does not work properly, we will fix it for you - free of charge, up to two years after delivery! Contact us now to receive an offer.