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Michael Markus Wycisk - Founder of Excellence Utvikling AS

Welcome to Excellence Utvikling, your dedicated partner for high-quality Excel consulting. With a sharp focus on Microsoft Excel®, we offer a broad range of tailor-made Excel solutions like financial models, data analysis, VBA macro automation of your processes, dashboards, report generations, risk evaluations and a wide array of other Excel services to drive your success. Our experience includes a wide spectrum of sectors, most notable the financial industry, real estate and (as a Norwegian based business, of course) oil & gas, as well as aquaculture. Find out more about our comprehensive range of Excel services and explore how we can tailor our expertise to drive your business forward.

Excel Consulting

Excel development and programming

Excellence Utvikling provides comprehensive Excel consulting & VBA development services globally, specializing in programming Excel insight giving dashboards, custom calculations and spreadsheets, complex financial and none-financial models, as well as automating tasks with VBA macros to solve your challenges swiftly, freeing up your time, resources and accelerating your business.


Illustration of industries we have worked with in Excel like aquaculture, finance, real estate, science, chemistry

We have gained key competencies in several industries we have worked. To list only a few with a particular strong focus (should yours not appear, we’re adept at integrating new expertise swiftly, so feel invited to contact us anyway!):

Core Competencies

Illustration of important competencies to master in Excel like charting, report generation and model calculations

We have solved our clients challanges by providing a vast array competencies in Excel, VBA and surrounding technologies. To name just a few:

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Experience Personalized Service: Work directly with your own English, German or Norwegian-speaking Excel consultant for a customized and seamless experience.
  • On-Site Support Available: For clients who prefer face-to-face interactions and on-the-spot solutions, we're more than willing to provide our services on-site, adding an extra layer of personalization and collaboration to our work.
  • Confidential & Secure: You can be confident that your data and intellectual property is safe with us! Operating from Norway, known for its stringent data protection standards, our robust security measures ensure your competitive advantage remains protected.
  • The Right Solution for Your Need: Using Excel and VBA best practices, we can solve even the most complex tasks in Excel. You receive quality solutions that solve your challenges – user friendly and straight forward.
  • Sustainable and Scalable: We strive to provide you a solution that will work for you in the long run and can be extended in dynamic environments. Our approach avoids unnecessary technological debt.
  • Predictable & On Time: Every project starts with a careful evaluation of your needs to ensure delivery both on time and on budget.
  • Certified Expertise: With competent help from our Microsoft certified Excel experts (MOS Microsoft Excel Expert), you can be sure to use Excel to its full potential.
We are certified as MOS Excel Expert