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Excel Development and VBA Macro Programming

Your Excel Consultant Michael Wycisk

Excel Development & Consulting for the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry

Based in Norway, Europe’s second largest oil producing nation, we can provide you a unique expertise, combining strong knowledge both in the development of Microsoft Excel and VBA, as well as our experience in working with some of Norway’s leading businesses in the oil and gas industry. We have contributed to projects relevant to the entire oil and gas value chain, including exploration, production (upstream), transportation and storage (midstream), and refining and other downstream sectors. Further, we can provide general Excel knowledge with high relevance to the oil and gas industry, including creation of dashboards, project management and risk assessment techniques.

As a unique offering, our team includes dedicated professionals with Master's degrees in Chemistry, specializing in Technical Chemistry and Catalysis. This ensures a swift and comprehensive understanding of project-specific issues, enabling us to deliver Excel solutions that are not only rapid and accurate but also tailored and effective to solve your challenges.

Examples of Excel Projects and Expertise we have Contributed to the Oil & Gas-, as well as Chemical Industry

  • Dynamic, Excel based asset management tools to predict production and cashflow, based on asset-specific and global, financial parameters and tax regime
  • Excel modelling tool for prediction of reservoir volume using Monte Carlo simulation
  • Leveraging Excel and VBA, we automated the analysis of Fischer-Tropsch (gas-to-liquid) synthesis data, using fully automated import of the produced SSITKA results, following integration and evaluation, to receive relevant, catalytic data like number of active sites, time-on-site (TOS) and turnover frequency (TOF), saving vast amounts of time for analysis.

Excel Consulting: Premium Service at Competitive Rates – On-Site or Remote

We are committed to providing a high level of service and value to you, always following today’s best practice in Excel. We are best in Trondheim (Norway), but always just one phone call away! We have delivered many projects solely using Microsoft Teams or similar collaboration tools, but if you prefer classic face-to-face collaboration, we are always available to meet you on site. We can provide skilled and certified personnel (MOS 777-88) and offer our services to you in English, German or Norwegian language at the highest professional level.

Currently, we provide our services at a very competitive rate of 1 120,- NOK (excl. VAT) per hour – a rate we confidently share on our website. We guarantee that you will receive a solution that works and we are always available to help you if anything (against all expectations) should not work after delivery. Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together!